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A small caterpillar was walking towards a big mountain. Along the way meeting 'a ladybug who asked:'' Where are you going?''. The caterpillar replied:'' Yesterday I had a dream where I was standing on top of a mountain and from there I could see the whole valley. Today I want to fulfill my dream.'' Surprise the ladybug said:'' You must be crazy! You are only a small caterpillar. For you, a pebble will be 'a mountain will be a puddle' a sea, and every bush will be 'a barrier impossible to overcome.'' But the little caterpillar was already' out and not sentì.Incontro 'then a rabbit:'' Where vai with so much effort?'' The little caterpillar said:'' Last night I had a dream, I dreamed of being on top of the mountain and from there, 'I could see the whole valley. I liked what I saw and now I want to accomplish my dream.'' The rabbit laughed, and said:'' Even I, with my big feet and with my big jumps, would approach a company so difficult.'' And laughing, he was watching the small caterpillar as he went his way. The same thing happened with the frog, the mole and the mouse. All advised him to stop saying:'' You'll never ...... "But the little caterpillar, determined and brave, keep walking. Exhausted and powerless, suddenly decided to stop and rest. With a last effort to prepare 'a place to sleep that night. "So I'll feel' better," said the little caterpillar. But he died '. For days, the animals came to see his remains. THEM THERE WAS MORE THE ANIMAL 'CRAZY WORLD. Li was the last refuge of a small caterpillar died he pursued a dream. Suddenly, however, 'that broke gray cocoon. Appeared two eyes and two wings beautiful colors beautiful. WAS A BUTTERFLY!!! The animals were left speechless, surprised from that wonderful creature that instantly took flight and reached the top of the mountain. The dream of the caterpillar, butterfly become, you realize. The dream for which he had lived, for which he had fought, had finally come true '!!!!


We started building our site thinking about this wonderful story where dreams seem impossible at times like this little caterpillar and his desire to reach the summit of the mountain, not dictated by the awareness of being a butterfly, 'cause he was unaware but a strong desire to reach it and his belief in doing good and hope the decision to call our site BASSBUTTERFLY. We will try to select: BASSETH BEAUTIFUL AND BRIGHT AND THAT IS LIGHT AND ELEGANT LIKE BUTTERFLIES MOVE !! THIS IS OUR RULE !!.... The realization of our project is primarily governed by love for dogs that have always accompanied us over the years and that led us to surround our house for many breeds until maturity of the decision to focus on these loving eyes drooping ears with their long and the eyes have captured our hearts making us dream with their splendid character and loving devotion to his master. We live to Catania in Sicily, where this breed and 'almost unknown. Our story begins in 2011 when we gave a beautiful example of Bassethound tricolor named Prince Corleone. Was love at first sight this basseth was different from those seen until to that point and from there it all began ....... began our adventure, which I hope will accompany with the same vivacity 'than now for a good part of our lives and in particular, we hope to convey to our children, Samuel and Matthew all the love for this wonderful breed.


Cetty e Sebastiano Marchese

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